Monday, August 26, 2013

TIPS for the new "Fashionistas" by Dormidz

TIPS for the new "FASHIONISTAS" by Dormidz

1. Find your own personal style.

- I personally believe that every "Fashionista" have their personal style or the way they want to dress themselves. For the first timers, you can try any style you want. The more you try any style, the easier to find your personal style. Lastly, don't be afraid to mix anything, it's very modern and up to date.

2. If this is your first time to change your look, don't hesitate to ask someone who knows your style.

- There’s no right or wrong in Fashion but there’s something they call Fashion Forward or Fashion Suicide. In Fashion Forward, this is the compliment that you want to hear because it means that you put up a great look! On the other hand, Fashion Suicide means that your whole look is a disaster. I know some of you have so many questions about Fashion so, don’t hesitate to ask for some help. Most of the “Fashionistas” have many questions before they become “Fashionistas”. I’ve been searching in the internet for my favorite fashionista/blogger and some of their looks are disaster but it doesn’t mean that they lost their fashion sense but after that, they find a way how to put up a good look.

3. Be Creative.

- Every "Fashionistas" are very creative with their style. For those people who want to be a "Fashionista", ask someone who are creative and aware of fashion. With their fashionable suggestions and your creative style should rock your whole look. It's fun to mix any style as long as you have fun with it. For example, Boho and Punk = Boho punk, Geeky and Chic look = Geek chic, 80s retro and Girly look = Retro girly, and etc.

4. Don't let the "Trends" empower your style.

- Fashion Trends are the "Fashionista's Best friend". You can always follow the trends but make them your own. There are times that a trend can destroy your whole look because it's not the right one for your physical appearance, your size, and your style. Be careful in choosing a trend for your whole look.

5. Express yourself.

- Just be yourself. It's not good to copy someone's look that doesn't look good on you. Don't try something that you're not satisfied and comfortable with or you'll end up crying in the corner. You can experiment all you want and after that, you'll find something that right for your attitude, your personality, and your own style.

That's all my tips for all aspiring "Fashionistas" out there who wants to crank up their style.

I hope you can find the right style just for you.

Good luck and Welcome to FASHION World!

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