Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cruise/Resort 2015 Collection


Hello Fashionistas,
          When I read fashion blogs and magazines publishing about Cruise or Resort collections, I thought "What is a Cruise collection?" "What type of fabrics that a fashion designer uses in their collection?" "Is it expensive?" "Do we have to wear them all year?" These are the questions that kept me thinking about Cruise collection.
          I have absolute no idea what Cruise or Resort collection was until I was 18. I looked into the Cruise collections, I saw many things about it. Loose and tight silhouettes, light and dark colors, different choices of fabrics, and minimal accessories.
          Cruise collection is an inter-season line of ready-to-wear clothing. They are produced by the fashion houses twice a year. These are offered to customers who just finished buying their fall wardrobe and looking forward for their vacation. These are showed and released before the spring/summer collection. You can wear them all year long.
          Cruise wear is made from cotton, silk, denim, microfiber, straw and poplin that are easy to pack, lightweight and breathable. From walking shorts, caftans, Hawaiian shirts and sandals, to full-length and flowy dresses for women and light dinner jacket and relaxing pants for men, it is unique in its design and function. These "warm-weather designs" arrive in the shops in November after the fall/winter collections and before the spring/summer collections. They are easy to wash and look great without ironing them. Casual yet very fashionable. Now, I'm showing you my top favorites for the Cruise/Resort 2015 Collections and here they are:






Burberry Prorsum





Carolina Herrera









Diane von Furstenberg



























Louis Vuitton




Proenza Schouler




Stella McCartney





Tomas Maier





Zero + Maria Cornejo





As I always promised, I'm going to show you the outfits that a fashionista would wear for the rest of the year. Like I said before, I'm not an expert to fashion. The outfits that I picked out are cool, unique, wearable, chic and perfect for cruising. The fabrics of this year's collection are flowy, soft, colorful, printed and hard. These are comfortable and light so, say goodbye to huge coats, tall boots and thick fabrics.

Tell me what you think about my top favorites of Cruise/Resort 2015 Collection above. What are your top favorites for the Cruise/Resort 2015 collection?

Fashionably yours,


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