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Hello Fashionistas,

            Fall is here that means we need to cover up again. Besides the cold weather and cover ups, fall is challenging season for the fashionistas to dress well in order for them to pull off a good ensemble.

            This is my first time to do a trend report and I'm starting to like it. I love the fall trends however some of those trends need polishing to make it more wearable. Trends are recycled and developed.

            It's hard to set a new trend because the fashionistas are more creative than before and they can pull off a look with various trends. Although trends are meant to be followed, it is still important to wear trends that are fit for your style. The trends this season have new flair of most trends.

Here are the trends for Fall 2014:

Knits All Over

I never thought that designers would make knit sweater paired with knit pants. It is something new and perhaps, more comfortable than tweed. You can go all knits if you are trying to pull off a monochrome and neutral look. I'm looking forward for the fashionistas that would like to give a shot on this trend.

Oversized Covers

If people say covers they mean coats, jackets, and ponchos. The covers couldn't get any bigger this fall. The masculine structure of the coats makes it larger and manly. With different designs and cut of each covers, it makes it more functional and stylish for fall.

Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Fall wouldn't be complete without a collection of plush furs. Shearling is making its way back in fall. The designers cozied up this season to very cuddly shearling. Biker jackets are cozier this season. These jackets looks cool and edgy with a twist of warm and fuzziness.

The Sixties

This retro trend have been revived by the Paris' major houses. Mini-skirts, trapeze dresses, patent Mary-Janes, graphic bobs and pastel colors are the things that presents a fresh and carefree take on the 60s British mod. Paired with boots and flats, the result better than ever.

Prints, Prints, Prints!

Prints are already used in fall as a trend but this season, it became more attractive for fall. Designers used prints in dresses and coats. They combined the colors very well. The way colors stand out in a garment is cool and amazing. I like the printed coats because it is new and fresh that can be used by the fun-loving fashionistas.

Urban Chic

Hip hop and sporty trends have been conquering the fall season. Athletic style continues this season. The detail and structure of these pieces are modern and edgy. Cool colors and well tailored garments, Urban is more chic than before. If you're sporty on into hip hop, these are the pieces you're looking for.

What is your favorite trend this season?
Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Fashionably yours,


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