Monday, March 18, 2013

Fashion Tips: Accessories

Accessories are the ones that completes the whole look. Some people might say "It's just accessories, I'm not going to die without it" but a statement accessory can make the old LBD (Little Black Dress) looks stunning. So, guys and girls... don't underestimate the accessories!

For Guys:

It is easy to pick accessories for guys because most of the guys prefer simple accessories with masculine and sporty designs.

1. If you're going casual, try a sporty watch with dogtags. This combination will make you look young and sporty.

2. If you're going formal, a silver or gold watch and a ring will definitely complete the whole look. Please don't wear chain bracelets and necklaces it would ruin the formal look.

3. If you're going casual + formal, try mixing these two together. For example, if you're wearing a white polo shirt, red pants, and black loafers, try putting a silver necklace with a sporty black watch. These would heat up the casual + formal look.

4. Be careful in picking your accessories , it may ruin your whole look and waste your money.

5. Sunglasses are the most stylish statement accessory I've ever worn. There are two designs of sunglasses that people wear today. These are Aviators and Wayfarers.

Casual = Wayfarers
Formal = Aviators
Casual + Formal = Aviators and Wayfarers

For Girls:

When girls wear the right accessories, they always make a statement. There's a lot of colors and designs of accessories are made just for girls. Today, girls like to spice up their look by combining a lot of accessories.

* The only tip that I can give to many girls out there is to be careful in choosing accessories. Make that your accessories are the ones that you really like and also according to your own style.

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