Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Thoughts about Fashion

             Fashion is an art. This statement is true.

Aside from the beautiful and intricate sketches of a garment, Fashion is another way to express the part of you. We choose what we want to wear. Sometimes, people don’t mind the price of the garment and they don’t care how expensive a dress is. Every country has its own style. Most of the countries in the world have its own Fashion Week.

As I observe my surroundings, every person has their own unique style. In Fashion, there is no right or wrong but there is Wow, Nice, So-so and No-no. These are the few reactions that the Fashion critics, writers, bloggers and enthusiasts used. There are some people who can’t understand casual and formal. I saw someone who was wearing formal attire I thought he looked good when I looked down to his shoes, he was wearing a cargo black shoes. I was like, “What the hell was that?” He wore the shoes to that outfit.
         To me, Fashion means being comfortable of what you’re wearing. If you’re not comfortable wearing some clothes, then why would you wear it in the first place? I wear clothes where I’m comfortable with so that I can wear who I really am.

Don’t wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable because you’ll end up giving it or throwing it away.

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