Tuesday, October 1, 2013

VERSACE Eros: The new fragrance for men


Last Week, Versace has recently launched their fragrance: Eros. Love, Passion, Beauty, Power, and Desire that’s how most people described the fragrance. The perfection of the male body is fused with the allusion to Greek mythology and classic sculpture that has characterized the Versace world since the beginning: Eros, the god of love, able to make fall in love with his bow and arrow.

It’s a fragrance that interprets sublime masculinity through a combination of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest and green apple; with such intriguing hints like Tonka beans, amber, geranium flower and vanilla; and a racy virility symbolized by cedar wood, vetyver and oak moss.

The color of the bottle and packaging is turquoise, a very strong and masculine shade, emphasizing the Mediterranean Sea. The strength of Eros is represented by the image of Medusa, symbol of Versace maison.

          Available now in eau de toilette, aftershave lotion, comfort aftershave balm, perfumed deodorant, deodorant stick and invigorating shower gel, Versace Eros is a fragrance for a strong man: passionate, and a master of himself.


  1. that looks very cool!

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  2. VERSACE always had super nice parfums.

    great post! i love it! im going to put it on my wishlist héhé

    Greets from Antwerp