Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Red Carpet Review by Dormidz

Red Carpet Review: OSCARS 2014

          First of all, I would to congratulate the winners of the 64th Academy Awards. The winners truly deserve to win that award. The Academy Awards or OSCARS is award-giving body that signifies the hard work of every person in the making of a motion picture. Everyone did a great job. Everyone look stunning and shining.
          For fashionistas, this is the time for them to see their favorite celebrities dress for the occasion. Kudos for the stylists who styled their clients’ look, A+ for a huge effort. Bloggers, critics, fashionistas, writers, and magazines, wrote their reviews about the best and worst dressed on the red carpet.

          I made my own review. There are best and worst dressed celebrities but I’m going to reveal to you my favorites and I’m sure you’re going to love it. Here are my top favorite red carpet looks for this year’s OSCARS:

In Atelier Versace

Kate is very daring when it comes to red carpet. She always wears something revealing and sexy and it really fits her. This silver gown from Atelier Versace is the best choice for her to wear on the red carpet. It’s sexy and chic.

In Armani

Cate always looks gorgeous on the red carpet. She wears different types of gowns as long as it fits her. This year, she decided to wear this beautiful nude Armani gown that is just looks great on her. 

In Prada

Honestly, I don’t know much about Lupita. This year, she looks gorgeous on the red carpet. This blue Prada pleated gown is perfect fit for her. That’s why I really like this look.

In Vera Wang

Emma is one the best dressed of this generation. She always likes to wear different types of gowns. Any girl would love her looks. That’s why this black Vera Wang gown looks gorgeous on her.

In Givenchy

Julia always looks chic on the red carpet. She wears covered up gown and she looked great. This black Givenchy peplum lace gown looks beautiful on her.


          I thought all men celebrities would only wear black but this two prove me wrong. You can look stylish on the red carpet in these white suits. Jared Leto (left) is wearing the white Saint Laurent suit with the red bow tie. Matthew McConaughey (right) is wearing the ivory Dolce and Gabbana suit with the black bow tie.

These are my top favorite looks for this year's OSCARS. 
What are your favorite looks?