Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture CHANEL Show


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                I'm so sorry for the late review but this is my first time to review a Haute Couture collection. I know that haute couture means high tailoring or high fashion. Haute couture = More money + High risk. Not anyone can mass produce a haute couture collection without the permission of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.


               I chose to review Chanel's Fall/Winter 2014 Haute Couture Collection is because the collection was simply stunning. This collection represents the brand is evolving. It is shown how woman dresses through the years. Simple yet elegant, stylish yet functional and classy yet chic.



            Half of the collection looks like 60s British mod and the rest of it have the French flair or should I say Chanel flair. The classic chalk-white, penitent gowns, lavished with embroidery, and fur are the few things that Karl Lagerfeld used for this collection. Flats are the shoes in the collection. At the either ends of the runway, there are fireplaces stoked with digital flames. There is also a big old baroque mirror above the mantle. It seems that Karl combined light, dark and dull colors that are perfect for fall and winter.



            The collection looks comfortable, wearable and chic. I'll definitely recommend this year's collection to those women who are sophisticated, stylish, classy and conservative. I even asked my mom if she would wear the Chanel gown and she said she would it. I wish I can touch them so that I can tell you how fabrics feels great.




Here the complete video of the show. Enjoy!

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